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Mutiny in the classroom…

Today was the day before spring break. One of my 6th grade double periods was total anarchy. The other was a 6th grade mutiny. It got so bad that one girl came up to me to let me know she felt bad for me. Haha.

Here’s to all the teachers on the day before break!

ATTN: NYC Science & Social Studies Teachers

I really wish I could attend this, but I will be in Las Vegas by then. I highly recommend you go.


  • July 7th and 8th
  • Teachers College, Columbia University
  • $5 for first 100 registrants ($10 after that)
  • More Info Here!

Can You Believe This?!

A couple weeks ago a friend and I were walking down the street when we saw this:

Somebody slept through Chemistry class…good thing it was only Nitrogen!!

Trophic Levels Lesson

Here’s a lesson based on the FOSS Populations & Ecosystems curriculum. It is basically a summary of the unit with a really fantastic bead model of the 10% Rule!

And just to give you an idea of what 1111 beads look like:

Magnetism Unit

I’m working on developing a high school Physics magnetism unit. The lessons I’ve written so far are posted on the Lesson Plans page. So far, it consists of an introductory lesson, two lessons on magnetic fields, a computer-based lab connecting electricity and magnetism, as well as an end of unit project.

Since I am relocating to Las Vegas, NV, I am working to connect each of my lessons to the community. This unit easily demonstrates the science associated with the hydroelectric generators at the Hoover Dam. I can’t wait to bring students there for field trips!!

NSTA 2010 is almost here!

Sadly, I cannot attend the NSTA conference this year, but have an exciting announcement. The other day GM Education contacted me and wanted to let you all know they will have a booth in the exhibit hall with a Chevy Volt chassis and lots of giveaways.

They also sent this super cool picture of the Chevy Volt chassis:

Since I had no idea what a “chassis” was, I did some research. A chassis is the “backbone” for a man made object; for a car, the chassis includes the frame, engine, suspension, and other mechanical aspects.

As I mentioned, the GM booth will include a chassis as well as free USB drives, programs, and other handouts. It sounds like there could be some great resources for lessons on energy, environmental science, and engineering. So, if you’re heading to the conference in Philly this weekend, stop by GM and say hello!

General Motors [GM] Education Resources

I just discovered that GM has an incredible wealth of resources for educators!

First, there’s Teach Green, the education blog. It is written by science and technology teachers with tips and commentary on teaching students to be environmentally literacy. As written on the website:

This section of GM Education was created as a gateway for “green” educators to share their experiences and inspirations for teaching lessons about the environment. To educate. To inspire. To, well, teach green.

You can contribute your ideas a stories by emailing

Second, the general education page for GM is chalk-full of excellent resources for energy and environmental lessons for all grades:

  1. About GM Education Page
  2. Grade Appropriate Resources – Separated into K-4, 5-8, and 9-12, this section gives students, parents, and teachers resources related to energy and the environment.
  3. Lesson Plans – fantastic plans for teachers that are interactive and interdisciplinary in nature.
  4. Games include topics such as the environment, science and engineering, general knowledge, and word games.
  5. Teach Green – education and energy blog written by educators.
  6. Coloring Pages for kids related to cars, energy, the environment, and our planet.
  7. Photos from the 2010 Auto Shows

I am really looking forward to getting to know this resource better – I am certain that students will enjoy it as well!