Student Teaching Reflection Week 6 [3/1 – 3/4]

Phew! Another quick week…

MONDAY – By far my most insecure day yet. I didn’t spend as much time planning and prepping as usual and I felt that it showed. I planned too much material and had to cut stuff during the lesson. I also chose to cram one more new topic in at the end instead of taking the time to summarize what we had discussed. The second period went a bit better, but I still was not confident with how it went. I saw two girls in the hallway that are in that first period who are pretty honest about their comfort/frustration level and asked them if they were completely confused – to my surprise, they said they were actually more comfortable with the content than they usually were with my cooperating teacher.

The last thing I needed was positive reinforcement for a bad habit!

Even in the midst of frustration, I’ve been reminding myself that my student teaching supervisor commented that I have the confidence and skill of a seasoned teacher. I am thankful to know that I’m a bit ahead of the curve.

TUESDAY – Tried station work today. 32 students had 2-3 minutes at each of 9 stations to discover and explore different aspects of sound, standing waves, and pitch. At first there was a lot of resistance and the kids refused to work fast enough to get through any of the thinking questions. The questions were designed to guide their thinking, not to be a complete assessment. Eventually they calmed down and maybe even enjoyed the different activities. We repeated the literacy exercise of the KWL chart; I really like forcing them to synthesize what they are learning!

Had a student approach me with a concern about her project grade. I reviewed her project with her arguments in mind and ended up granting her the points because her error was only written in the script and she corrected it in her video.

WEDNESDAY – Review for the quiz day! A new challenge sprang up today – how to teach unmotivated kids on a rainy day when you’ve got a migraine and short temper :) I did okay this morning, but started to get upset when two girls insisted they needed to review for the quiz in a different way than I had designed. Can’t they trust that I know what’s on the quiz and they don’t, so maybe I know what material we should cover?!

This was also my first “why did you not hand in your project that was due 2 weeks ago and what are you gonna do about it” meeting. She never showed up. :)

THURSDAY – a frustrating day. One of those days when I was frustrated with the institution of student teaching because I don’t have enough time to really get to know the kids and them get to know me. Really looking forward to having kids from the beginning of the year from more than 4-6 weeks!

One week of high school placement left!


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  1. Awesome! You’re gonna be a great teacher :-)


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