2 Weeks Down!

This year is a far cry from last year! I know the basic procedures of the start of school, I have my classroom management in place already, I actually have a reputation at the school, and I know where I want my curriculum to head before I even teach it!

It’s been a crazy two weeks – I’ve been rather sick, so it’s been difficult to have enough energy to teach the way I want to. I am teaching four dance classes (at least I’m getting regular exercise!) and one physics. The physics class started out with 43 Physics H students and 8 AP students (yes, 51 kids crammed in my room – it was literally standing room only!). We did some scheduling adjustments and now I have 18 AP students.

Which means I only have 10 AP books! I hate to waste paper, but I’ll have to be copying the first few chapters until we can get new books. We’re doing a quick review of unit conversions, significant digits, etc. before we do two quick labs to set up standard deviation and lab report procedures.

Then it’s on to the start of Dynamics & Kinematics – woot!

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