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Pay Attention!!!

Got this in an email from a friend today, so glad Newton had to work at paying attention as well:

“If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention than to any other talent.” – Isaac Newton

Octopus, Coconuts, & Airplanes, Oh My!

I woke up this morning to some pretty cool current events.

First, as I turned to ABCNews, I saw this crazy article about an octopus who uses coconuts for shelter. I never realized there were coconuts in the ocean, but I guess there are since these researchers have discovered that octopus are able to use coconuts by removing the innards and carrying two halves of the shell to a certain location and then reassemble them to create a shelter. Apparently, this is the first example of an invertebrate using a tool.

Then when I switched to CNN, there was an article about the new Boeing plane. This is the first time in over a decade that Boeing has unveiled a new plane and they claim it is the best yet. “It’s more environmentally friendly, it’s more efficient, uses less fuel, it’s going to cost the operator less to fly, it’s going to allow the passengers to pay less and feel better when they land,” according to Boeing’s CEO. Test flights in the next few months will prove to the world that Boeing’s still got what it takes.

Note: if you’re interesting in reading more about airplane companies, check out Michael Crichton’s book Airframe. It’s a really fun and thrilling read. I had hoped it would be great for a classroom library, but the language leaves a bit to be desired.

If you found the Boeing article interesting, you should check out the Intrepid Museum of Sea, Air, & Space!

Field Trip: Intrepid Museum of Sea, Air, & Space

If you’re interested in a fantastic field trip in New York City, check out the Intrepid Museum!

I’ve put together a power point about the museum as well as an educators guide for planning a trip. The educators guide has a sample middle school unit on aviation that can be used to prepare for an aviation tour.

This is an incredible museum that you should check out even if you are just passing through New York City.

Tiger Woods Reads Physics?

Despite the unfortunate nature of Tiger Woods’ return to top fold news this week, it has encouraged the sale of the book Get A Grip on Physics by John Gribbin.

This book is definitely going to the top of my wishlist!


I love this website. Scribd is a great resource to upload and share your files. I like to use it for my lesson plans, concept maps, power points, etc. so they are easy for me to access and share with others.

If you check out the Lesson Plans page, all of the lesson plan links lead to my Scribd page. Feel free to download anything you’re interested in.

As always, I would love feedback on anything you use.