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“The Downfall of Dong Won”

While this student’s unit project on pendulums includes a lot of inside jokes from our class, it’s worth sharing because of his creativity in creating a story line about pendulums that flow easily with the intensity of the movie.

I’m still laughing…

“Physics on the street”

Over the February break, my students had an end of unit project to work on. They were required to create a project that would clearly, creatively, and concisely communicate the essence of pendulums to someone who had never studied them within the context of Physics. I provided them with this rubric to guide but not hinder their creativity.

So far, of the few projects I’ve graded, these kids have worked really hard to turn in remarkable projects.

One student gave me permission to share his comic strip with you – it wasn’t part of his project, but he did it just for fun. It made me giggle so much that it needed to be shared.

You can see all of his pendulum cartoons here.

Pendulum Conundrum

A classmate and I were mulling over pendulums on the train ride last night and couldn’t come to any conclusion. We were discussing how mass as a variable effects two pendulums. Initially, my response was that a more massive pendulum would rise to a higher point once released (if two pendulums of differing masses were released from the same height) because it has greater PE, but then we got confused because it also takes more energy to keep it swinging. So then it also made sense for both pendulums to reach the same height and have the same period with every oscillation.

Since we couldn’t come to any conclusion, I went home and played around with some homemade pendulums. I constructed one with some gift wrapping ribbon and one fork and another with gift ribbon and five forks. Attached is a slide show and commentary of what I found. I pretty much observed both phenomena of the two forks at same heights with same periods as well as two forks with same periods but different heights. Then I coupled the two pendulums just for kicks.

My husband Keith got home from work as I was curled up nearly under the sink in the bathroom trying to take pictures. Oh, Physics!