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Technology Resources for the Science Classroom

I’ve been collecting all sorts of different posts and links for neat internet and technology resources for the classroom. I hope they’re useful!

Can you tell I think Educational Technology Guy’s posts are terrific?


Sid the Science Kid on PBSkids

sid the science kid

I had the opportunity to watch PBSkids’ “Sid the Science Kid” this morning and it was fantastic!

It’s geared toward young children and each episode focuses on an aspect of the nature of science. The episode I saw today discussed what happens to produce over time. Sid and his friends discovered that fruits and vegetables ripen and then begin to decay. They used their ability to observe to figure out what types of changes were occurring.

Plus, the characters are always singing and dancing with energy, enthusiasm, and styles that kids can identify with. The characters are multicultural and in many different ways appeal and connect with most young viewers, making science approachable for all sorts of kids!

I found that “Sid the Science Kid” is actually in RedBox rental centers. The one recently was all about bugs!

Check out what I heard Lisa Henson say about Sid the Science Kid.

Mysterious Floating Water Experiment

Steve Spangler just wrote a post about this mysterious floating water experiment. It’s so cool, you should check it out!

Solar Ovens

A friend just sent me this article from CNN about a dad and his daughters making a solar oven.

What a cool project!

Since it peaked my interest, I found a website to make your own solar oven.

If you do decide to make one with your class (or at home!), here’s a list of solar oven recipes.

Magic School Bus Website

I am so excited to share The Magic School Bus Website with everyone!!

There are simple science experiments, games, and activities for young children. So fun – and educational!!

Shoutout: Science Junkies

I found the website All sorts of fun resources.

I especially liked this page.

What I’m Watching Online: The Magic School Bus!

A friend just referred me to this website: where you can watch all the Magic School Bus episodes for free!!

Right now I’m watching “Magic School Bus #31: Gets a Bright Idea” for a unit plan based on light and optics!