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Ms Frizzle In The News!

I am so thrilled to let you know that Just Call Me Ms Frizzle was just honored as one of the Top 50 Science Teacher Blogs!

Teacher Certification Degrees, the website sponsoring the list has great resources for aspiring teachers. Resources include information regarding teaching degrees, state certification, education related careers, and other helpful tools!

Check out the other 49 recognized blogs as well and enjoy the summer!

Why I Blog

I was talking with a teacher-friend today about why I started this blog and why I’ve stuck with it. It all started as a way to catalog all the great resources I was receiving in graduate school in a way that I could easily search and access them once I was in my own classroom. Once my student teaching began, the blog became the ideal place to process my experience and seek help from veteran teachers. Now that I am teaching, I am utilizing my grad school resources and finding it just as important to process my days in writing.

I blog because it gives me a connection to other teachers, it provides an outlet for my thoughts, and it records my experiences so I can read back through them in the future. If you have found any of my posts useful, I’m glad; if you have given me advice and suggestions, thank you(!!); and if you just read to be entertained by my antics, I hope you enjoy them – I am so thankful for technology that allows all of this to happen in one place!

I sometimes wonder why other teachers blog – feel free to share your thoughts…

Websites for Science Teachers

I am loving Making Teachers Nerdy’s post on the Top 20 Websites No Teacher Should Start the 2010-2011 Year Without! Below I’ve written a little bit about which websites I’m excited to make use of in the coming weeks.

Picnik – I have no idea what role this might play in my classroom, but it’s so fun that I’m sure it will weasel its way in somehow!

Delicious – I had started using this awhile ago, but have neglected it lately since I was teaching with my personal laptop last year. Since I’ll be using one computer at home and a different one at school, this is going to be super handy.

Dropbox – For the same reasons as above, this is going to be a lifesaver! I can access lesson plans at home and school without worrying about them getting lost in email!

Edmodo – This is a new one for me…I’m exploring all my options for how to have a class blog or website that students can be super involved in as a classroom social media type thing. As an experiment, I started a group “Just Call Me Ms Frizzle” (pass key 9219vq) – feel free to stop by and leave a note, upload a favorite article or lesson plan, or give me feedback on what social media has worked in your classroom. If your school does not have any type of online assignment giving and grading, Edmodo has everything you’ll need – and it doesn’t require students to sign up with an email address, so it’s super easy for them!

Google For Educators – A great resource as to how to use the different Google Applications (calendar, docs, etc) to maximize technology and organization in your classroom.

Live Binders – Live Binders caught my attention when I saw you could make digital binders of websites, videos, files, etc. in order to have students do digital scavenger hunts. So cool!

Webspiration – Online tool for creating mind maps, graphic organizers, etc. Another great website that is very similar is XMind.

Prezi – I LOVE this! At the Channel 13 Celebration of Teaching & Learning, I saw a presentation given with Prezi. It’s Power Point on steroids; I am not a huge Power Point in the classroom fan since it is so predictable and not interactive, so I think this will be exactly what I use to give notes and lectures through my projector.

Troovi – This is another one that gets me really excited! Since I want to incorporate pictures all over the classroom of sciencey things my students and I experience, this would be a great way for them to send me pictures without having to pay to have them printed!

VoiceThread – This is a great option for teachers who want to have online conversations with students or an option for keeping home-bound students in the loop. The website has many different options for membership (free and paid) as well as an entire article based on how to maximize VoiceThread use in the classroom.

I hope these suggestions might inspire some new way to include technology in your classroom this year. For more great teaching websites, see the full article at Making Teachers Nerdy.

General Motors [GM] Education Resources

I just discovered that GM has an incredible wealth of resources for educators!

First, there’s Teach Green, the education blog. It is written by science and technology teachers with tips and commentary on teaching students to be environmentally literacy. As written on the website:

This section of GM Education was created as a gateway for “green” educators to share their experiences and inspirations for teaching lessons about the environment. To educate. To inspire. To, well, teach green.

You can contribute your ideas a stories by emailing

Second, the general education page for GM is chalk-full of excellent resources for energy and environmental lessons for all grades:

  1. About GM Education Page
  2. Grade Appropriate Resources – Separated into K-4, 5-8, and 9-12, this section gives students, parents, and teachers resources related to energy and the environment.
  3. Lesson Plans – fantastic plans for teachers that are interactive and interdisciplinary in nature.
  4. Games include topics such as the environment, science and engineering, general knowledge, and word games.
  5. Teach Green – education and energy blog written by educators.
  6. Coloring Pages for kids related to cars, energy, the environment, and our planet.
  7. Photos from the 2010 Auto Shows

I am really looking forward to getting to know this resource better – I am certain that students will enjoy it as well!

Over The Top Award

Ms Frizzle recently received an Over The Top Award from Cheese Grits! I was honored to be recognized by her for my determination to better at teaching science.

The idea of the award is to pass it along to three bloggers you admire and whose work is truly over the top! For me, there were only three contenders, so it made the picking easy!

And the winners are…Scott, Rachel Anne, and Joe!

Since I was given this award as Ms Frizzle, I’d better start with Scott at Physics & Physical Science Demos, Labs, & Projects for High School Teachers, who is definitely over the top! He’s a Physics and Physical Science teacher in Philly who writes on a variety of topics related to teaching, science, and teaching science! I love that he doesn’t take anything too seriously, but also has extremely valuable resources. I’ve gleaned so much from Scott’s writing and am always excited to see what he has to write next! I tried to find a single post to link to, but everything’s so good that you’re just going to have to do the exploring yourself!

Next is Home Sanctuary; one of those fantastic home and crafty blogs that I love to read. What makes Rachel Anne over the top is her Small Things post. Nearly every day she posts a “small thing” to do:  sort through a pile, pick up shoes, clean up crumbs, etc. You get points for completing the task – such a fun way to keep up on all those little tasks! The other thing that’s so neat is her creation of Company Girls – a way small blogging community. A really neat way to be in touch with other bloggers. Way to go Rachel Anne!

Last, but certainly not the least is I Agree With Joe. I promise that the fact that Joe’s a cousin has absolutely no effect on his receiving the award – although I’ve got to admit I’m really glad we’re related! Joe’s always got something to say that makes me laugh for days. He works mostly with teens and young adults and relates to them really well, especially with his awesome music videos and photo shop adventures! I definitely agree with Joe!

Please take some time to visit these three over the top blogs, leave them some comments, and subscribe to their posts. I know they would appreciate it!


I love this website. Scribd is a great resource to upload and share your files. I like to use it for my lesson plans, concept maps, power points, etc. so they are easy for me to access and share with others.

If you check out the Lesson Plans page, all of the lesson plan links lead to my Scribd page. Feel free to download anything you’re interested in.

As always, I would love feedback on anything you use.

Earth Science Week 2009

Happy Earth Science Week 2009!!!

For all sorts of cool resources, check out Teach Science and Math’s Resources Post.

Classroom Current Events Day

I’m always thinking of ways to incorporate current events into a science classroom. Recently, Physics & Physical Science Demos, Labs, & Projects for High School Teachers wrote a great post about using the Friday period to discuss current events from any aspect of science.

If you’re interested in this, read the post Science News in the Classroom. Feel free to suggest any other ways you use current events stories in your classroom.

Recent Posts, Ideas, and Resources

Here’s a list of recent posts from all sorts of blogs that have been really useful:

Always Ask Your Students

Educational Technology Guy (a Physics teacher/EMS instructor turned blogger) recently wrote this great post about including your students in discovering what works best in education. He’s got practical tips and tricks in improving your classroom and teaching.

Read Do You Want To Know What Works In Education…Ask Your Students