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We did it!!

The first day is complete!! It wasn’t so bad and a great chance to start getting to know the kids.

I am even more excited now that the year is started!! Here’s a picture of Ben and me pumped for great year:

T-minus 1 day…

It’s finally the eve of my first day of school again and I think I’m actually more nervous than both my first day of Kindergarten and college put together! I know I’ll be better once I get in the room and meet the kids, but until then, I’m drinking calm tea and enjoying an episode of House with my husband.

I’m looking forward to the start of this new adventure. Thank you to those readers who have been following for awhile and those who just started. And a huge thanks to all who have donated to my class at Adopt-A-Classroom!!

Stay tuned for posts throughout the week :)

Happy First Day of School Sunrise Mountain!!

T-minus 3 days…

Today was the last official work day before school. Yikes!! Ben and I got the room finished and the rest of the week’s lessons. Then I got nervous…

…and when I get nervous I get messy, so I’m heading back in tomorrow to clean up the piles of papers I created from all our meetings today. And last year’s physics teacher dropped off a bunch of books and supplies, so I’ve got to find a home for those.

Below is the pictures of my room, here’s to hoping the massive, giant butterflies won’t keep me up tonight!

T-minus 4 days…

After today, I am extremely exhausted, but ready for school. Only a few details to take care of before Monday!!

I promise to post pictures of the room tomorrow:)

Here’s what I found in the room today – my forget-me-nots are growing:

T-minus 5 days…

Today was incredibly productive!

My clearance still has not come through so my long term sub Ben has been helping to get the room ready and plan for next week. I’m really thankful we work well together; he told me today he can sense when I’ve reached my “Chocolate Point” each afternoon and need a little pick-me-up. Ha!

We got all the books in the room and organized as well as setting up my desk and getting the computer and printer ready to go.

The butterflies seem to have migrated somewhere else (finally!) and I am so thankful to have gone through a grad program that prepared me for teaching. On the other hand, I had no idea all the minute details that need attention the week before school!!

After our super intense first day of school meeting this morning, the faculty got to pretend to be freshman students so the “Link Crew” could practice their freshman orientation activities. It was the perfect break from working to have some fun and laugh a lot! I’m definitely looking forward to meeting the 9th graders on Friday!

P.S. Several people have already made donations to my classroom at Adopt-A-Classroom. Thank you so much – I am moved beyond words at your generosity!

T-minus 6 days…

Wow, another crazy day! We started with a session on memory techniques with a fabulous local psychologist. We worked on memorizing each other’s names (the whole faculty was there) and it made a huge impact on the community building of the faculty conference. After lunch we worked on interactive notebooks.

The best part of the day was when I blasted music in my room, borrowed a staple gun, and covered my board with fabric:

Now my board is colorful!!

T-minus 7 days…

Wow, one week until my first day of school!

Today was a full day of professional development about inclusion and co-teaching. It was a full day, so I’m beat, but I’ve got lessons to write, so I’m busy at home now.

Two highlights of the day:

  1. I shared my current emotional state (terrified excitement) with my department head and he was very encouraging. He also told me he was “pee his pants terrified” his first year. I am so thankful to be in a department of great people!
  2. I started an “Adopt-A-Classroom” profile for room 1007, feel free to be a sponsor: Rebecca McCoy Adopt-A-Classroom Homepage

More updates to come!