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NSTA 2011 Here and Gone Again

As promised, I will be writing up some of the sessions I attended this past weekend…since this was my first conference as a presenter, I spent less time in sessions as usual, but I did learn quite a few new tricks!

This weekend was also exciting since the conference was held in San Francisco – thousands of science teachers in a city with a tsunami warning; I can bet lots of lesson plans were changed (including my own) to focus on the current events in Japan.

So be on the lookout for:

  • Parent-teacher communication and involvement ideas
  • How to host a physics-themed haunted house
  • Ways to make the most of the Holt Introductory Physics textbook
  • Accessing understanding of ELL students
  • Skills to help ELL students understand science
  • Exhibit hall highlights

NSTA 2010 is almost here!

Sadly, I cannot attend the NSTA conference this year, but have an exciting announcement. The other day GM Education contacted me and wanted to let you all know they will have a booth in the exhibit hall with a Chevy Volt chassis and lots of giveaways.

They also sent this super cool picture of the Chevy Volt chassis:

Since I had no idea what a “chassis” was, I did some research. A chassis is the “backbone” for a man made object; for a car, the chassis includes the frame, engine, suspension, and other mechanical aspects.

As I mentioned, the GM booth will include a chassis as well as free USB drives, programs, and other handouts. It sounds like there could be some great resources for lessons on energy, environmental science, and engineering. So, if you’re heading to the conference in Philly this weekend, stop by GM and say hello!