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Sid the Science Kid on PBSkids

sid the science kid

I had the opportunity to watch PBSkids’ “Sid the Science Kid” this morning and it was fantastic!

It’s geared toward young children and each episode focuses on an aspect of the nature of science. The episode I saw today discussed what happens to produce over time. Sid and his friends discovered that fruits and vegetables ripen and then begin to decay. They used their ability to observe to figure out what types of changes were occurring.

Plus, the characters are always singing and dancing with energy, enthusiasm, and styles that kids can identify with. The characters are multicultural and in many different ways appeal and connect with most young viewers, making science approachable for all sorts of kids!

I found that “Sid the Science Kid” is actually in RedBox rental centers. The one recently was all about bugs!

Check out what I heard Lisa Henson say about Sid the Science Kid.

Steve Spangler Giveaway: UV Energy Beads

Details on a giveaway of really cool UV Beads:

Bring out the UV Detective inside of you with the Steve Spangler UV Energy Beads! Steve Spangler science toys are an excellent way to introduce science in a fun way that kids understand. Read about the experience mom blogger Kalisha at UV Skinz had with these cool science toys and enter to WIN UV Energy Beads for your children! Giveaway ends July 12. Open to U.S. only.

Be sure to enter and get some new toys!!!

Thomas Edison’s House and Laboratory

This weekend my husband and  I went to Thomas Edison’s estate Glenmont in West Orange, NJ. This was not his home when he invented electricity, but a massive laboratory sits at the bottom of the hill. The laboratory will reopen from renovations fall 2009. Here are some highlights of the afternoon, as well as a slide show of all our pictures at the end of the post.

Outside Edison's HouseOur picture just before the tour started.

Edison's House: GlenmontThe back of the house with the beautiful lawn.

Edisons Porch LightsThe large porch lined with lights.

Edison's LaboratoryEdison’s Laboratory. We couldn’t go inside because of renovations, but it opens again in the Fall 2009.

Edison's graveThomas Edison and his wife are both buried on the property.

To see other interesting parts of our visit (including a portrait of the Lord Kelvin), check out this slide show.

Shoutout: Mrs. Carder’s Physics Classes

Just a head’s up that I’ve added a new link to the blogroll. There’s all sorts of Physics syllabi and course work there – quite a resource!

Happy 4th of July!

In honor of the 4th of July, here are 4 fun science links:

4th of July Science Projects is a list of 10 great ideas for homemade patriotic science fun! I especially like the Black Snakes recipe because it’s so much fun to light them and watch them squirm and wiggle!

Steve Spangler recently published an experiment on how to make Colored Smoke Rings in honor of Independence Day. So cool!

You can make Exploding Bubbles when you check out this NPR special. Theodore Gray explains how to mix hydrogen, oxygen, and soapy water to make really neat explosions. He’s also the author of the book Mad Science, which I’m adding to my wish list; it’s all things that go bang!

For some reason when I think of cool things related to the 4th of July, the second thing that comes to my mind after fireworks, of course(!), is a potato gun. If you’ve never used one, you’ve got to try it! SpudTech is a website where you can purchase potato guns, but it is always way cooler to build your own.

Higgs Boson Particle & Particle Physics in America

I just saw this great special on Fermilab and Particle Physics in America. I think it’s a great way to explain to students the reality of progress in American science (especially Physics). It’s also a great way for students to get a practical look at jobs in theoretical and experimental Physics.

Watch Atom Smashers!