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Chevy Volt

I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials for the Chevy Volt lately:

The one that plays on is only an animation of the number “230”, which is the estimated MPG for the Volt. I’ve been wondering how that’s possible, until I read a recent post by Dot Physics.

In “Chevy Voltology“, he goes into some detail about the specs of the Volt, as well as graphing the cars actual efficiency. You should check it out!

Other related posts are “The Law of Diminishing Returns, the Chevy Volt, gas milage, and hot air“, King of the Road writes a detailed evaluation of the Volt’s supposed efficiency and compares it to that of other small, fuel efficient cars.

On Good Math, Bad Math, author Matt writes a great post on how Chevy decided to use the “230 MPG” as part of their campaign and does the math to prove it. His post “The Chevy Volt gets 230 mpg? Only if you use bad math” was very clarifying!

This would be a great assignment for any physics class!