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Guest Speaker: Accident Reconstruction

Today I had my first guest speaker (the cheaper alternative to a field trip!). Officer Michael Lemley of the Las Vegas Police Department came to speak to my physics students about accident reconstruction today. It was great for someone else to be in charge of the class and it was so fun to hear my students asking questions and thinking through this particular application of physics!

Officer Lemley was wonderful. He kept the kids laughing and made clear connections between the content and the real-world. One of my favorite parts of the day was Lemley’s insistence that he wishes he had paid more attention to his classes in high school because he had to relearn it all 20 years later. He told my students he never thought he would use his high school knowledge, but it always comes back.

He closed by talking about the cause of most fatal accidents he works on: distracted drivers. He illustrated several instances of people dying because they were texting or on the phone. He asked students why the United States is not willing to show gruesome commercials about drunk and distracted driving; the kids got into quite a debate over offending people v. being honest about consequences.

Since he was in the building for the whole day, he addressed my 9th grade general science classes for the last 20 minutes – I think it was the first time they had heard about applications of science in the “real world”. In my 5th period, I have a specific young gentleman who has the potential to be a lovely person, but has chosen bad friends and a worse attitude instead. When Officer Lemley began addressing the class, he asked the young man what career he would like to pursue. When my student answered the Army, Lemley told him that his attitude would not allow him to be successful. As the boy began to answer, “What attitude??!”, Lemley made him aware of the fact that he had been observing the class during our lecture time. The kid came up to me after class and whispered very softly, “Miss, I’ll never give you a hard time in class again!”. I then discovered that the kids thought Lemley was my personal friend and I had asked him to come in on account of their behavior – ha!

I am so glad I had Officer Lemley come to class – I am really looking forward to inviting more guest speakers soon!

Science Careers: Nursing

Location: World-Wide

Job Description: Registered Nurses are the largest group of professionals in the healthcare system. Nurses hold 2 or 4 year degrees and are licensed through the NCLEX exam.

Nurses are responsible for assessing and noting changes in your patients status and reporting any abnormal changes or findings. They collaborate with the health care team (doctors, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, etc.) to meet the needs of their patients. Nurses also administer medications and other treatments or procedures (IV placement, exercises, ect).

Nurses are the most common face on the health care team and the last line of defense in catching mistakes before there is harm to the patient.

Position Description: Nurses are found in every field of medicine and responsibilities vary depending on level of education: entry-level to Nurse Practitioner.

Science Careers: New England Forestry Foundation

Location: New England Forestry Foundation, Massachusetts

Job Description: The New England Forestry Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the conservation and sustainable management of the forest lands of New England. Work extends from Maine to Connecticut, with diverse forest types from northern hardwoods to pines and wetlands in rollings hills and mountains, with numerous streams and ponds. This position is designed to mentor future natural resource professionals focusing on forest conservation and management. It is structured to give exposure to a wide array of experiences in resource management.

Position Description: Interns gather data using GPS; monitor conservation easements, use GPS to map boundary line locations and use photo documentation of protected properties and compile basic maps of the properties (GIS, tax maps, topographic maps, etc.); conduct forest inventory, boundary maintenance, maintain trails and perform public outreach

Note: A close friend of mine recently worked with NEFF for three months. She attended college for Environmental Science and is planning to go to graduate school for Biology Conservation.

Higgs Boson Particle & Particle Physics in America

I just saw this great special on Fermilab and Particle Physics in America. I think it’s a great way to explain to students the reality of progress in American science (especially Physics). It’s also a great way for students to get a practical look at jobs in theoretical and experimental Physics.

Watch Atom Smashers!

Physics Teaching Jobs

Since I’m anticipating applying for Physics Teaching positions come next May, I frequently search online for the current opennings. Usually I’m annoyed with or since they give about 12 results and most of them tutoring or teacher placement companies.

However…today I used and had 24 pages worth of results! The majority of them were actually physics jobs! I searched nationwide since I don’t know where I’ll be living, but you can certainly limit the results!