Ms Frizzle Gets Her Groove On

I think it’s now safe to announce my impending classroom changes. I am very excited about what’s about to happen this fall!!

The first piece of exciting news is that I am starting an AP Physics program this year. It will be a bit of a challenge since we only have a handful of students ready and the class will be half honors and half Advanced Placement. Bring it on!!!

The other new adventure is that I will be running the Dance Department at school! This will include two sections of Dance I and two sections of Dance II. I will also be advising and choreographing for the Dance Team (more of a dance crew – hip hop – and less of a squad) as well as overseeing the spring dance concert!

I will still be blogging about the challenges and highlights of starting an AP program, but I will also be putting efforts into developing young artists, so please forgive me in advance if posts become few and far between!


2 responses to this post.

  1. congratulations Becky!


  2. That’s awesome! God is making using of all your talents and passions :-) Now He just needs to multiply your time ;-)


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