Proficiency Exams

Today is one of those mornings when I came in early even when there was nothing to do. My department chair walked in with three scantrons from students who took a practice proficiency exam yesterday: 16%, 16%, and 20%.

The major reason for this was that in one hour, they only answered about 26 out of 50 questions. Granted, in the actual test next week they have unlimited time for 60 questions, but that is still only 31% completed questions answered correctly.

All of these three students are in 11th grade; they have already taken the exam twice and have 5 chances left to pass it and graduate on time.

The thing that leaves me wondering what to do is the fact that these three students get much higher test grades in my class. What can I do to encourage them to perform better on a “scarier” test?

The tricky part is that Nevada does not release old tests, so I can’t give them specific recommendations.

How do you help students prep for tests when all you can give them is general study tips?


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