The Importance of Winter Break 2010

Phew! Four days into my first winter break as a teacher and I can finally relax enough to write a few updates!

The last week of school went much smoother than I had anticipated. I had a guest speaker on Tuesday and Thursday and Friday we watched videos: Physics saw October Sky and the freshmen watched the Life series. The faculty had a Secret Santa event going on all week long, so it was a huge encouragement to find little chocolates on my desk each morning :)

The end of the week was capped off with a door decorating contest. My 2nd period freshmen got very motivated and came up with a great end result. While we did not win, I am so proud of how hard they work, how creative they were, and how maturely they cooperated with each other; they just raised my expectations!! It was a great moment of camaraderie that we have not been able to experience until now.

Over winter break, I have the privilage of writing two more finals before heading back East to see family. I am so excited for a mental and emotional break from the kids. As one of my colleagues told his students, “Vacations are not for students, you would survive without them. Vacations are for teachers so we don’t kill you.”

With that, I leave you with a picture of 2nd period’s creation:

Merry Christmas from The Grinch, Max, & Room 1007!!


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