Can You Speak the Language?

I realize that I’ve been avoiding blogging lately.

School is much better. My discouragement with 9th graders went away when I found out that my license endorsements will not allow me to teach the freshmen course again next year. There is an end in sight!

A funny thing happened this week – we started a fluids unit and several students who do not usually apply themselves have become incredibly studious! One has even said all this stuff (buoyancy force and density) are so fascinating! Haha, I can’t even understand it.

Tuesday was the most hilarious student conversation I’ve ever had. It went something like the following:

Student: (after seeing a picture of me and my husband in London) “Ms, you went to London?”

Me: “Yes, I lived in England for 7 months.”

Student: “So…you can speak the language?”

Me: (long, very long, pause) “You realize they speak English, right?!”

Student: (thinks about it) “Yea, so you could communicate with them?”

I could not believe my ears. And this was a bright student. I think this is going to be one of my favorite teaching stories. I need to figure out how to submit comments to Readers Digest :)

I’ll be working hard to get back to blogging soon…


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