Quck update 9/15

Since this blog was conceived, I have wanted it to be a place for open communication between teachers; it’s been a week of ups and downs, so I feel the need to be honest about my joys and frustrations.

MONDAY – the kids were all focused and we had a fabulous time doing a free fall experiment. It was the best day of the last few weeks!

TUESDAY – every single one of my kids must have taken crazy pills, because every class was so uncharacteristically chatty that I went hoarse trying to keep the class engaged – was quite a feat since I’m not a yeller!

WEDNESDAY – the kids were back to their normal selves, but I still have not found the results of my background clearance, so I am still not getting paid.

It is so discouraging to want to provide for my students, but be run down by the non-curricular frustrations of being a teacher. I refuse to become a cynical teacher!!


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