T-minus 3 days…

Today was the last official work day before school. Yikes!! Ben and I got the room finished and the rest of the week’s lessons. Then I got nervous…

…and when I get nervous I get messy, so I’m heading back in tomorrow to clean up the piles of papers I created from all our meetings today. And last year’s physics teacher dropped off a bunch of books and supplies, so I’ve got to find a home for those.

Below is the pictures of my room, here’s to hoping the massive, giant butterflies won’t keep me up tonight!


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  1. Posted by aUNT pEG on August 28, 2010 at 9:24 am

    wow, Becky, a huge difference from that FIRST picture of this room! I WANT TO TAKE YOUR CLASS! Remember, start your day off with a Becky-smile and let them know you’re NOT there to kill them during the year with your class! Once they know YOU are motivated, it will spread to them too! They may ask you…”where do you get SO much energy, Mrs. McCoy?”…..then you know you’ve got ’em! They’ll “feel” your natural compassion and caring for them and over time, you will be just SUCH A GREAT TEACHER for them….Remember that the first day of ANYTHING anyone does, is always a challenge, but GO GET ‘EM!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. The beautiful thing about teaching, too, is that every day is different. So…if today’s a lousy day, tomorrow’s going to be a not-lousy day…every single day the kids are different–that’s what makes it great. Yay, I am so excited for you! love, g.a.peg


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