First Day in Room 1007

I lugged a car-load of things to school today and, with the help of Tuck (the building engineer), wheeled it up to my room. A janitor Gilbert helped me move furniture (the room had never been used before) and the head janitor David consulted with me on how to hang things around the room (we’re not allowed to drill holes).

I also met Bertha, the attendance officer; sadly, I think we will know each other much better by the end of the first week of school!!

The good news of starting to set up my room was a result of the bad news of missing new teacher orientation due to my background check not clearing yet – hopefully that will change before the first day of school!!

Here is what I accomplished by the end of my work time today:

I've got the desks in groups for now with the reading table in the back corner. I'm working on hanging things on the walls and will be covering the bulletin board (not pictured) with bright green fabric!

When I got to the room the tables and chairs were stacked in the corner (as the caption says, I’m the room’s inaugural teacher), so I moved them around until I was satisfied – there are 14 tables grouped by two for lecture time (all of my classes are under 30 students), 2 tables in the back for a reading station (I’m collecting science, technology, travel, etc magazines and books), 1 table on the other side of my desk (to be used for relevant daily materials), and 1 table I can’t decide how to use.

I made 4 memo boards (you can see one along the right side of the picture) for students to display pictures and articles they like. They will be hung along with some performing arts posters and nerdy stuff :) I hope my Physics Teacher magazine comes with some new posters soon!

What the room still needs:

  • A couple more pieces of art/posters
  • Some plants
  • More books and magazines

If anyone has any extra magazines related in any way to science, I’d love to take them off your hands!

More to come after our faculty conference!!!


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  1. Posted by aUNT pEG on August 20, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    Well, looks like you are just about ready to go, kiddo! The students are going to love you! As you get going, too, a helpful “hint” is to do some “warm-ups” to get the body going and mind stimulated….IF you ever need those, I’ve got plenty! They really do help and it breaks things up – also changes the climate of a CLASSROOM setting sometimes – if the kids get “wiggy”…..I do them all the time with the students – stats prove that the mind needs some kind of stim to get it going during any given school day; especially if the student needs to THINK…..hey, good luck, teach! Keep us posted…love ya…a.peg


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