[TAR]: Student, Parent, and Teacher Surveys

Below are the surveys we developed from our action plan. Links to the data and conclusions are provided.


Given to bilingual, general education, and special education middle school students verbally and as a paper survey.

  1. Have your teachers ever called your parents/guardians? Y/N
    1. Why?
  2. Have your parents/guardians ever called your teachers? Y/N
    1. Why?
  3. What was it like to know your parents/guardians and teachers were communicating about you?
  4. Did you have a conversation with your parents/guardians or teacher afterwards? Y/N
    1. What did you talk about?
  5. Do your parents/guardians come to school? Y/N
    1. How often?
  6. How do you feel about your parents/guardians being involved in your education?
  7. How would you like your parents/guardians to be involved in your education?

See the results.


Given to parents of high school students electronically via email.

How often do your child’s teachers communicate with you? [choose one]

  • Once or Twice per year
  • Once or Twice per semester
  • Every Month
  • Every Week
  • None of the Above

What media do the teachers use to communicate with you? [choose all that apply]

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Blog
  • In-Person Meeting
  • Written Note Sent Home
  • Other [open ended]

For what reason do teachers usually contact you?[choose all that apply]

  • For student behavior problems
  • To discuss students’ academic success
  • To discuss students’ academic problems
  • To learn about you or your family
  • To invite you to participate in school functions
  • Other [open ended]

What more could teachers do to help your child succeed in school? [open ended]

How often are you asked to participate in school activities?[choose one]

  • Never
  • Rarely
  • Sometimes
  • Regularly
  • Very Often
  • Other [open ended]

How often would you prefer to participate in activities? [choose one]

  • Never
  • Rarely
  • Sometimes
  • Regularly
  • Very Often
  • Other [open ended]

Are you happy with the quality of parent-teacher interaction at your school? [choose one]

  • Yes
  • No

See the results.


Given in paper format to various content and special education teachers.

  1. How often do you communicate with parents? For what reasons?
  2. What types of media are most effective in communication?
  3. How do you have hard or frustrating conversations with parents? Can you give me an example?
  4. How often do you invite parents to participate in their students’ class? For what reasons?
  5. What advice do you have for a new teacher regarding communicating with parents and getting them involved in their child’s education?

The following survey was disseminated in order to develop the teachers guide to communication:

In what situations do you use the following modes of communication with students’ parents?

  • Phone? Sample way to start conversation/address issues:
  • Email? Sample way to start conversation/address issues:
  • In person meeting? Sample way to start conversation/address issues:

See the results.

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