[TAR]: Initial Thoughts & Plan of Action

A bad parent-teacher conference:

Things to think about:

  • What are Kali?s strengths/weaknesses?
  • What is the parent trying to communicate?
  • What did the teacher do well in this meeting?

When our group began to investigate parents & the community, we unanimously agreed we were most interested in exploring the reactions of students, parents, and teachers towards parent-teacher communication. We approached our research in the steps outlined by the following flow chart.

In order to compile useful data and create helpful resources, we designed and implemented several surveys:

  1. Student Survey – are students aware of parent-teacher communication? How do they feel about it? Do students want parents involved in their education?
  2. Parent Survey – how often do teachers reach out to parents? How and when are parents involved in their child’s education? What could teachers do to facilitate more successful parental involvement?
  3. Teacher Survey – why is parent-teacher communication necessary? Which types of media are most successful for this communication? What advice would you give to new teachers regarding parent-teacher communication?

More on this topic:


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