Sound Unit

I haven’t uploaded all my lessons from this unit yet – I need some more time to make them pretty :)

Here’s the gist of the unit though, along with one of the lesson plans.

PRE-UNIT LESSON – Still part of the general waves unit, this lesson discusses standing waves and the Doppler Effect.

UNIT DAY 1 – Sound Intro: Includes discussion of Doppler Effect, sonic boom, sound traveling in a medium, and sound reflection (echo) if time allows.

UNIT DAY 2 – Standing Waves & Pitch

UNIT DAY 3 – Sound & Wave Review: Give students time to cover sound reflection (echo) and diffraction before reviewing homework, packets from day 2, and a gallery walk with the KWL charts from wave unit.

UNIT DAY 4 – Quiz.

Since we did a comprehensive general wave unit, transferring that information to the sound unit was straightforward and we only needed a few days. Using the last day of the wave unit to create a seamless transition to sound was extremely helpful; students felt they had something to offer since we had already discussed Doppler Effect and Sonic Boom.


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