Shout Out: Classroom Chuckles

Just bumped into this fantastic site! Basically Classroom Chuckles is a place to read, post, and rate all the funny moments in your and others’ classrooms.

Some of my favorites:

Yesterday we were learning about our country. At the start of the lesson I showed the class a picture of the American Flag and asked, “What flag is this?” One of my students said “That’s our country’s flag.” Then I said, “And what is the name of our country?” The student replied, “Tis of thee!”

Word got around that one of my students would be out because he had the chicken pox. One student raised his hand and said he had to go to the nurse. When I asked why he said “Because I have goose bumps!”

Today I asked my class what they expected from life. One student said, “You color for a while, then you die.”

Loving that there’s a place for teachers and other school-based faculty to go and “chuckle” together!


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