There’s No Air!

I love taking the bus in the morning. It’s a great way to watch the sun rise, read a good book, and get ready for a new day!

My favorite part is listening to all the young children on their way to school: some count cabs, others chat with mom or nanny about who they are planning on playing with at school, and others soak in all the sights and sounds around them.

Today, however, I was not so lucky. A rather boisterous older woman took her seat and proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes complaining about the poor design of the bus, how it left her with no air to breathe. Every couple of minutes I heard, “No air! There’s no air in here – this is ridiculous!”

If she had stayed around much longer, I would have asked her how horrible her science teachers really were in school that she was alive, breathing, and complaining, all without air. I wanted to remind her that none of us could possibly be riding the bus if there weren’t any air in it.

And then I quieted myself down and remembered that it is moments like this morning when my passion for teaching bubbles over. I hope that my students can live their lives with basic scientific literacy, knowing that a bus with stuffy, warm air is a much better situation than a bus without any air at all!


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