Homeschooling Science

I read a post by a homeschooling mom/friend this morning and her struggles with teaching science since she does not feel confident in her own identity as a scientist (this is assuming the definition of scientist is one who does or learns science). Last year they had a great experience with a local science co-op, but had a scheduling conflict this year, so they are on their own for science curriculum.

Her decisions with for curriculum and activities were actually exactly what I would have recommended. She has a homeschooling science curriculum that covers a wide variety of elementary school science topics. She also encourages her girls to find books at the library related to the topic they are studying and is constantly giving them writing prompts related to the topic. Without even realizing it, she is training her girls to be scientifically literate.

Her next step is to incorporate activities and experiments. When studying wind and weather, they made pinwheels and even created their own clouds .

MAKE YOUR OWN CLOUDS: In order to make your own clouds, melt some ice cubes in a pan and watch the steam that is created. Once you’ve got plenty of steam, hold another pan above the first and watch as the steam condenses. This is a great at-home simulation of cloud formation!

I encouraged her to check out the following websites for more ideas:

The internet is a fantastic resource and has so many great ideas!


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