Over The Top Award

Ms Frizzle recently received an Over The Top Award from Cheese Grits! I was honored to be recognized by her for my determination to better at teaching science.

The idea of the award is to pass it along to three bloggers you admire and whose work is truly over the top! For me, there were only three contenders, so it made the picking easy!

And the winners are…Scott, Rachel Anne, and Joe!

Since I was given this award as Ms Frizzle, I’d better start with Scott at Physics & Physical Science Demos, Labs, & Projects for High School Teachers, who is definitely over the top! He’s a Physics and Physical Science teacher in Philly who writes on a variety of topics related to teaching, science, and teaching science! I love that he doesn’t take anything too seriously, but also has extremely valuable resources. I’ve gleaned so much from Scott’s writing and am always excited to see what he has to write next! I tried to find a single post to link to, but everything’s so good that you’re just going to have to do the exploring yourself!

Next is Home Sanctuary; one of those fantastic home and crafty blogs that I love to read. What makes Rachel Anne over the top is her Small Things post. Nearly every day she posts a “small thing” to do:  sort through a pile, pick up shoes, clean up crumbs, etc. You get points for completing the task – such a fun way to keep up on all those little tasks! The other thing that’s so neat is her creation of Company Girls – a way small blogging community. A really neat way to be in touch with other bloggers. Way to go Rachel Anne!

Last, but certainly not the least is I Agree With Joe. I promise that the fact that Joe’s a cousin has absolutely no effect on his receiving the award – although I’ve got to admit I’m really glad we’re related! Joe’s always got something to say that makes me laugh for days. He works mostly with teens and young adults and relates to them really well, especially with his awesome music videos and photo shop adventures! I definitely agree with Joe!

Please take some time to visit these three over the top blogs, leave them some comments, and subscribe to their posts. I know they would appreciate it!


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