Geology: End of Unit Project and Activities

I just finished writing a lesson plan for the end of a middle school Geology Unit. The basic idea is to give kids the opportunity to apply their knowledge of sedimentary layers to digging and drilling wells. There is a power point that shows pictures of clear and colorful sedimentary layers in Nevada as well as of oil rigs, which initiates the discussion and exploration of the techniques and tools involved in drilling for oil. The class then transitions to the discussion of clean water and the problems associated with dirty water in developing countries.

Students begin learning about the organization Charity:Water, which raises money to provide wells in the villages of  several developing countries and also sponsors a project for school children to raise money for wells to be dug at village schools.

An in class investigation involves students “drilling” through several layers of food or other materials to get to the water source at the bottom. They must keep the water as clean as possible and assess their success. In the end, students will apply their learning and knowledge to a campaign to raise money for schools in developing nations to have clean water.

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  1. Posted by mrsharsh on April 27, 2010 at 1:22 pm


    I am teaching Earth Sci for the first time this year and am researching end of year activities about what we have studied this year. I would love to use your lesson plan regarding drilling for clean water and what students would need to do to keep the water as clean as possible. I am not able to download your lesson plan, concept map or PP as I do not see them when I click on the link. Could you send them to me in my e-mail?

    Thanks for sharing the great idea!


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