Science: It’s A Girl Thing!

The Educational Equity Center just launched a new program called “Science: It’s A Girl Thing”. Basically it’s a program for caregivers to do with their young kids (geared towards ages 3-8) in order to encourage girls to get involved in STEM fields.

Links to short lesson plans and activities are on the Science: It’s A Girl Thing website. I see no reason why these couldn’t be used in the classroom with girls and boys!


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  1. Do girls/women tend to stay away from science as a subject or a profession in the U.S.?

    Does girls/women tend to stay away from the ‘clean’ sciences such as maths or computer science?


  2. Posted by rebbieg on August 20, 2009 at 6:40 am

    Sadly, even though STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) have become more diverse over the last few decades, science in the states still has a majority of male participation. This includes classroom as well as industry science.

    Some people explain this situation by observing that science in America, or at least American’s perception of science’s role in culture, hasn’t changed since the Sputnik era – a time when it was acceptable for science to be predominantly male. This is why education reform in the US is so important so that we (as teachers) have better and more frequent opportunities to allow students to explore science – and even enjoy it(!) – despite their not being male or Caucasian. Diversity of race in science is a similar issue.

    For more on this, here’s an article by Columbia University professor Christopher Emdin:


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