At a family gathering the other day I had a fantastic conversation with my three year old niece.

We were sitting in the grass sipping our pink lemonade and discussing how thirsty we were when my husband joined us. He needed help applying his sunscreen, so we started talking about sunburns:


Niece: Why is Uncle Keith putting on sunscreen?

Me: So he doesn’t get a sunburn.

Niece: What does it mean to get a sunburn?

Me: The sun is very, very hot and it burns our skin if we’re not careful!

Niece: Oh, you mean like the oven!

Me: Yes!

Niece: Or a candle. Candles burn.

Me: What else burns?

Niece: Well, cookies don’t burn, because then they don’t taste good.


It was a wonderful conversation! One of those precious moments that I’m glad I took advantage of: even though it was a short conversation, it was really fun to explore the idea of “burning” together – you’re never too young to learn science!!


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