Alien Juice Bar: Learning about pH

Recently, I learned about the Alien Juice Bar which is part of the Science View website of UC Berkley.

Basically, the Juice Bar is a website consisting of three challenges to teach kids about pH. Most simply, pH is the measure of Hydrogen in a substance. More can be read about pH at Kids Corner or ChemBuddy.

Part 1 of the Alien Juice Bar allows students to test various liquids with cabbage juice to discover where the liquid lies on the pH scale. Students mix the cabbage juice with a acid, neutral, and base and determine which is which depending on the color of the liquid-cabbage juice solution.

In Part 2, students know cabbage juice makes acids turn pink, neutrals purple, and bases green. They have to serve customers without making too many customers sick (or dead!) from the wrong concoction. Cabbage juice is available to test the liquids before serving. The best part of this challenge is the end when successful students are celebrated by an alien dance party!

The last section, Part 3, students must find the pH of six glasses and then use their knowledge of acids and bases to make the drinks more acidic or more basic. They are given several acids, bases, and neutrals to choose from in order to make any changes. 

This is a fantastic way to teach acids, bases, and pH!! Not to mention, it’s so much fun :o)


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